What a day! Clean Air Day 2019 is a day to remember. There was dancing in the streets of Glasgow, skipping in the streets of Leicester, pollution-busting pledges galore, and lots of walking to work and school.

We trended at number one on Twitter, while many major news outlets covered our story about air pollution harming pregnant women and their unborn babies, including Sky, the Times and the Daily Mail.

For a sense of the sheer breadth of events and activities, see #CleanAirDay.

Meanwhile, others used Clean Air Day as a way to promote pollution-busting initiatives, from schools revealing new solar panels, to London announcing it's first ever car-free day. You can let us know what you got up to here.

It's not time, however, to pack our bags until Clean Air Day 2020. The campaign is anything but over. We're working with our partners, supporters and the public to make it clean air every day.

And part of this is pulling together everything you need to know about air pollution, all in one place.

Want to know what hospitals can do to cut air pollution? Or top tips  to cut air pollution in the home? Then check out our the clean air knowledge hub  - and help us make it clean air every day.

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