How was your Clean Air Day 2018? At Clean Air Day HQ we've been bowled over by the stories from 21 June, plus the numbers which are still coming in.

From city-wide clean air festivals, road closures and free public transport, to lung checks, walking school buses, and free bike repairs . . .  what a day! What a week! What a campaign! 

Meet Rupert (pictured top left) and Harry, who cycled to their university on Clean Air Day.

And the children from a school in Lambeth, London (below), who celebrated a new living pollution screen at their school.

Meanwhile, events in Portsmouth on Clean Air Day included a free park and ride, bike maintenance and bike-security marking (below). 

Speaking of bikes, check out this scene near the Mound, in Edinburgh (below). This iconic area of the city was closed off to traffic for part of 21 June, with temporary landscaping and park benches for people to enjoy a car-free moment. 

Clean Air Day in numbers

So what are the numbers for the Clean Air Day campaign? The information is still coming in, but so far we know:

  • There were more than 500 events across the UK
  • At least 1,100 organisations engaged in the campaign in some way
  • The campaign had a combined social and media reach of over 950 million (and counting).

In September 2018 we're due to publish a report on the day, which will include up-to-date figures on our impact, plus lots more stories of the amazing things that happened up and down the UK. 

Of course the Clean Air Day campaign does not stop here. Tackling air pollution is year-round, 24/7. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with the progress we're making, what others are up to, and how you can help achieve cleaner air for everyone. 

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