How to influence your senior management in addressing air quality

Join us on Clean Air Day 2018 for a lunchtime webinar (12.30-1.30pm) that will focus on practical ways to successfully encourage your leadership teams to address air quality as an issue and to lend their support to staff engagement activities

You will be armed with all the information you need to convince your organisation about the importance of action on air quality. And you will hear tips from those who have run successful staff engagement programs on air quality.

Key to effective influencing will be to demonstrate how air quality programmes align with business success. You will hear from advice from Engie and Investec who have lead innovative campaigns, awareness-raising initiatives and thought leadership on air quality.

The air quality guru, Professor Stephen Holgate, will tell us about the latest research showing the impacts of indoor and outdoor air pollution on our health, and he will be available to take live questions.

Action on Clean Air Day is important but air pollution affects us all throughout the year so we are here to help you plan your year round air quality activity – with a set of simple steps that you can take to influence your organisation to take action against air pollution. That way we’ll all have programs up and running by Clean Air Day 2019.