An early day motion was submitted in January by Helen Hayes MP, for a debate in Parliament to recognise:
i) the public’s desire for guidance on how to tackle air pollution, and
ii) the role that Clean Air Day plays in providing a robust, science-driven, nationally-applicable public advice service.

The early day motion highlighted that the government doesn’t provide any such central public advice service and that backing Clean Air Day is a logical way to provide that service.

The motion that has been submitted covers the following:

“That this House is:

  • concerned about the damage to health caused by air pollution in the UK;
  • recognises the public’s desire to tackle air pollution and to be given guidance on how to cut and avoid air pollution from a trusted, independent, medically-sound source;
  • acknowledges the success of last year’s National Clean Air day which established a public information service and increased the public’s understanding of air pollution;
  • welcomes the announcement that Clean Air Day 2018 will be held on Thursday 21 June 2018;
  • notes that the government does not provide information on how members of the public can play a part in tackling air pollution;
  • and calls on the government to fund the Clean Air Day to ensure the public continues to be provided with clear advice on air quality matters.”

Chris Large, Senior Partner at Global Action Plan, says: "It is marvellous to see MPs recognising the British public's concerns about air quality and the important role of the Clean Air Day campaign in providing public guidance to tackle air pollution.

"We look forward to a response from the government and hope that an even bigger Clean Air Day 2018, with government financial support, is the outcome."