Supporters who've signed up for our newsletter get the inside track on Clean Air Day and our year-round work on the UK's biggest air pollution campaign. Here's what we wrote on Clean Air Day.

Happy Clean Air Day!

It's first thing in the morning and already we're making waves. The Clean Air Day team have had an early start with, among other things, interviews on BBC Breakfast and Radio 5 Live.

Meanwhile, the Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Huffington Post, Mail and Mirror are among the other media outlets reporting on Clean Air Day this morning. 

All the fabulous exposure we've had so far - which means more people finding out about indoor and outdoor air pollution, how it affects their health, and how we can tackle it - could not have been achieved without your help.

Thanks to the efforts of our partners and supporters - people like you - we've really captured the UK's imagination.

And Clean Air Day has only just begun.  

The big story we're putting out today focuses on the danger of air pollution to our children's health. 

Using special monitoring equipment, Global Action Plan (the charity behind Clean Air Day) conducted air pollution experiments with families in Manchester, Leeds, London and Glasgow (pictured, below).

We found that young children are exposed to 30% more toxic pollution than adults while walking to school.

It's a sobering thought, but the good news is that if we all pull together, we can address air pollution.

Like other research we've put out over recent weeks, we want today's story to prompt the public to not only be more aware of air pollution, but find out what they can do about it (look no further than our advice on air pollution when you're out and tips for reducing air pollution in the home).

Let's hope that, by the end of today, this message reaches thousands, if not millions, more. 

Enjoy your Clean Air Day. 


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