Virtual Reality Experience

Try our new VR experience: Anyone can use this cool tech to play “spot the pollution” in a 360-degree virtual town. Adults can see pollution through the eyes of a toddler heading to school.Read more

How to run an event

It's easy to run an event for Clean Air Day - just watch our step-by-step webinar guide to get you started.Read more

Healthcare Webinar

The Healthcare Webinar aims to provide health professionals with information about the health impacts of air pollution and their role in helping to protect patients and reduce air pollution in the local areaRead more

Social Media Toolkit

Together we’re LOUDER. Please help us spread the word about #CleanAirDay on social media and sign up to join our deafening Thunderclap.Read more

Schools Toolkit

Inspire your students to get involved in Clean Air Day by using our free schools toolkit.Read more

Community Toolkit

Find out all the fun ways you can get involved with Clean Air Day as a community, and help to create cleaner air for us all to enjoy.Read more

Workplace Toolkit

Did you know that air pollution often peaks during rush hour? Find out what you and your workmates can do to change that.Read more

No Idling Toolkit

Our No Idling Toolkit will provide you with tips and ideas of how you can organise an event to encourage drivers to switch their engines off.Read more

Healthcare Toolkit

Find out all the fun ways you can get involved with Clean Air Day as a healthcare professional, and what you and your colleagues can do to make an impact on air quality and health.Read more

The Science Bit

You’ll find all the evidence for our health information, and Reduce | Talk | Avoid tips here, including links to the relevant studies and articles.Read more