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Inequities, Challenges, ‘AQ Inequalities Project’ Summary & Review


17th June


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Inequities, Challenges, ‘AQ Inequalities Project’ Summary & Review


At a population level air pollution presents the largest environmental risk to public health in the UK. Air pollution can lead to both short and long term health term issues for all, but impacts on some groups more than others, such as the young and elderly, minority ethnic communities, those living in areas of high deprivation, those with existing health inequities and those working in high exposure jobs. We know that the inequities gap is widening and that these inequities have been exacerbated by Covid-19.


Framing key issues and the main challenges that exist, as well as presenting interim findings from the ‘Joint Air Quality Inequalities’ project.




Panel discussion


Dr Jo Barnes, University of the West of England

Dr Laura Fogg-Rogers, UWE

Araceli Comargo, Centric Lab  

Ben Hudson, Global Action Plan

Noel Nelson , Met Office




Introductions & House Keeping: Chair – Jo Lane (Natural Resources Wales)

Key Note Presentation

Key Note Presentation on Equity – Professor Jon Fairburn (Staffordshire University)


Presentation on ‘Joint Air quality Inequalities Project’ – Joe Swift & Julian Watkins (Environment Agency)

Panel discussion

  • Dr Jo Barnes (University of the West of England),
  • Dr Laura Fogg-Rogers (UWE),
  • Araceli Comargo (Centric Lab),
  • Ben Hudson (Global Action Plan);
  • Noel Nelson (Met Office)