Leeds City Council is committed to improving air quality in Leeds and currently has a number of initiatives ongoing across the city.

Greener Fleets

The council is ‘greening’ its fleet, and has already purchased 42 electric vehicles with plans to procure more in the future.

It’s estimated that the these vehicles will travel a combined total of around 450,000 miles a year offering fuel savings of nearly £25,000 and saving 207kg in NOx tailpipe emissions per year, helping us to meet our emissions reduction targets for 2020.

It is hoped that more and more people will switch to low emission vehicles in the future, and to further encourage this switch the council are offering owners of low emission vehicles free parking permits in any council owned car parks or on-street parking bays.

Bus networks

Key to getting more people using public transport is the provision of better bus networks. The council is working closely with local bus operators to do this, with one example being the opening of the Elland Road park and ride, which sees almost 25,000 users each month and has had to be extended to cope with increased demand.

A new 1,000 space park and ride site at Temple Green is just about to open, convenient for commuters with access from the M1, and there are plans to open another park and ride at Stourton which will further reduce the number of cars coming into the city centre from the South.

Connecting cities

Improving Leeds’ cycling infrastructure is also seen as crucial to encouraging sustainable travel and therefore improving air quality. Phase one of the new £29m Cycle Superhighway has been opened between Leeds and Bradford to link the two key cities.

Plans for phase two between the city centre and Seacroft are being developed, with further works to improve cycle routes also being delivered.