Providing alternatives to car travel in Southampton

Southampton City Council provides a programme of sustainable travel interventions and support to help local people consider alternatives to car travel.

The programme engages with workplaces, schools and the community either directly, or through specialist public transport, walking or cycling partners. Interventions include developing travel plans, basic bike repairs, sustainable travel commuter challenges, school based challenges, led walks and rides. This is in addition to a large scale city ride that engages around 12,000 people annually and events. This year we the focus will be on a week long cycling festival.

The My Journey programme also provides online information in the form of a bespoke website and a multimodal journey planner; where journeys by bus, bike, walking, train and car can be compared and savings in time and money identified. Working in partnership with neighbouring authorities more than half a million people have visited the My Journey website viewing over 1.3 million pages.

Electric Fleet Vehicles at the University of Southampton

The University has a commitment to reducing fleet vehicle emissions, by replacing older vehicles with lower emission models. During 2016, three Nissan ENV-200 fully electric vans were purchased (replacing diesel vans used by our Transport, Maintenance and Delivered Catering teams).

The vans have now been in use for 6 months and are proving very popular with staff travelling between University campuses. Concerns over range have proven to be unfounded (with the vans needing an overnight charge every other day, depending on use), and whilst it is too early to quantify the maintenance and fuel savings, we are confident that the operating costs are dramatically lower than the vehicles they replaced.

As a result of this success, other teams in the University are looking to replace their vehicles and move to electric, so the University is expecting to grow its electric fleet in the future.