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Clean Air Day Live 

On Clean Air Day 2020, we broadcast a full day of continuous live online programming.


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If you missed the live broadcast, you can still catch up on all the sessions by clicking the "watch again" links below.

Clean Air Day Live 8 October 2020 Line Up

A warm welcome from Global Action Plan’s Director of Clean Air, Larissa Lockwood.  


Larissa Lockwood, Director of Clean Air

A virtual school assembly which we invite all schools across the UK the join.


Find out about the sources, health impacts and solutions to air pollution. A great way to kick off your Clean Air Day.


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School assembly image

Over 2,000 schools, nurseries and further education centres in the UK are in air pollution hotspots. Schools have a very important role to play in tackling air pollution: children are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution because their organs and immune systems are still developing. It is vital that they breathe clean air while at school, at home and whilst outside. This session introduces the Clean Air for Schools Framework: a free, online tool to help every school create a tailored clean air action plan to tackle air pollution in and around the school. Plus, we discover what impact students and their school community can have when they play their part and campaign for better, cleaner and healthier streets. 


This 45-minute session is perfect for anyone that wants to learn more about the role schools can play in tackling air pollution.


With contributions from:

Elizabeth Littlewood – Head of Brand and Communications, Philips

Mark Leftwich, Director, Personal Health, Philips

Sheila Watson – Deputy Director, FIA Foundation
Martyn Lowder – Change Manager, Global Action Plan, Chair



We take a closer look at air pollution sharing our favourite imagery, assets and campaigning tools to help people see and understand the pollution.


Become more powerful in getting your point across by collective posting on socials simultaneously with other campaigners.



  • Clover Hogan, climate activist and founder of the Force of Nature
Clover Hogan headshot

Hear from seasoned campaigner, Afsana Salik from Citizen’s UK about how air pollution became a priority for the Tower Hamlets community and TELCO members where, among other things, she helped win campaigns for electric ice cream vans.


Opportunity for Q&A at 12.20



Afsana headshot

12:00 - Nocado Campaign: Watch Again


Video Presentation and Q&A


Find out about the Nocado campaign to stop Ocado building a 24/7 distribution centre next to a nursery and primary school.


Hear the story first-hand from the campaigners, followed by an opportunity to ask questions with live Q&A.

Nocado logo

12:30 - Unequal Air


Unequal Air Session 1: Watch Again

Unequal Air Session 2: Watch Again


Panel Session and Q&A


Air pollution is the largest environmental threat to health in the UK; responsible for 36,000 deaths per year. However, the burden of pollution exposure is not equally distributed.


In London, just 2% of the capital’s richest experience nitrogen dioxide levels which exceed EU limits, compared to almost half of the most deprived communities. With COVID-19 catapulting air pollution into the political foreground, this session explores the lived experience of unequal air. We talk with community activists and academics about air pollution, structural racism, and the life-threatening realities of environmental injustice. Q&A


With contributions from:


Session 1 - 12.30

Introduction fromJon Fairburn, Professor of Sustainable Development at Staffordshire University

  • Jon Fairburn, Professor of Sustainable Development at Staffordshire University
  • Kate Langford, programme director for Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity
  • Araceli Camargo, co-founder of The Centric lab
  • Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, World Health Organisation Public Advocate for public health and air quality
  • Ben Hudson, Head of Insight & Engagement, GAP (moderator) 

Session 2 - 13.30

Introduction fromEmma Hibbett, Imperial College

  • Jo Barnes, Senior Research Fellow, AQMRC, UWE Bristol
  • Sufiyan Abdul-Qayum, youngest member of Clean Air for Southall and Hayes
  • Jeffery K. Smith, Clean Energy Advocate, Air Quality Monitoring Expert World Health Organization consultant
  • David Smith, Little Ninja UK
  • Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, World Health Organisation Public Advocate for public health and air quality
  • Ben Hudson, Head of Insight & Engagement, GAP (moderator) 


headshots of 8 of the speakers

Air pollution is a health emergency. It causes up to 36,000 early deaths and 20,000 preventable hospital admissions in the UK every year - with children, the elderly and those with chronic health conditions most affected. 


The health sector has a unique position to help tackle air pollution, from showing leadership in reducing emissions on its own sites, to informing patients, and supporting policy measures on air pollution. This session will cover examples from hospitals and health professions who are leading the way in this area – from the Clean Air Hospital Framework to a new piloting project to kick-start a national training programme on air pollution for the sector.



  • Nick Martin, Head of Sustainability & Environmental Management, Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Laurence Bourton, Communications Manager, UK Health Alliance on Climate Change
  • Catherine Kenyon, Senior Programme Manager Clean Air, Global Action Plan
Catherine Kenyon, Nick Martin & Laurence Bourton

Since lockdown, 1 in 4 members of the UK public want to use their car less. What does the future hold for car travel in the UK?


Coronavirus has made cycling and walking more popular than ever. Micromobility is coming to UK towns and cities. And with car sharing growing in popularity and autonomous vehicles around the corner, our cities will look very different over the next decade.  


At this session hear live discussion and video from members of the public, environmental campaigners and people behind some of the solutions to new and more sustainable forms of travel.


Contributions from:

    • James Taylor, General Manager UK at Zipcar
    • Alex Bamberg, Managing Director for Engie
    • Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, co-founder Ella Roberta Family Foundation
    • Pippa Neill, Air Quality Journalist
    • Chris Large, Global Action Plan (Chair)
Rosamund, Chris , Pippa & James

We spend 85% of our time indoors where indoor air pollution is 3.5 times worse than the air outside!


Did you know fumes from vehicles and industry travel inside our homes and workplaces, combining with pollutants from furnishings, cooking and heating? What can be done by individuals and employers? As autumn arrives, we turn our attentions to healthy air inside our places or work, including our homes.


At this session hear live discussion and video from experts, campaigners and people behind some of the solutions to heathier and more productive workplaces.


Contributions from:

Alexander Provins, Director EMEA, Blueair (Unilever)

Will Burrows, Area Manager at Zehnder Clean Air Solutions

Graham Petersen, Founder of Greener Jobs Alliance

Mark Grayston, Head of Product Marketing for Mitsubishi Electric

Andy Haigh, Senior Sustainability Manager at Canary Wharf Contractors

Larissa Lockwood, Director of Clean Air for Global Action Plan (Chair)

headshots of 6 of the speakers

Feel good about being part of the day of action, toast your own success and share your Clean Air Day stories.  

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18:30 - Clean Air For All - COVID-19, Clean Air and Mobility Event


Panel Discussion


Register here 

This expert panel session, organised by University of Birmingham Institute for Global Innovation (IGI) will explore COVID-19 impacts upon air quality, transport and mobility in the West Midlands region, including academic research, community action and future policy direction.


With contributions from

  • Professor William Bloss , Professor of Atmospheric Science, University of Birmingham,
  • Cllr Waseem Zaffar, Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, Birmingham City Council
  • Clare Maltby, England Director (Midlands and East), Sustrans
  • Ali Bell, Head of External Communications, National Express
  • Shivaji Shiva, Charities Partner at law firm VWV and Co-founder of Cycling Works for Birmingham
Two cyclists on a birmingham cycleway