The Clean Van Commitment is a collective statement from the UK's largest van fleet operators that they are ready to speed up the switch to zero emission vans.

This is an opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to our shared environment.

Some of the UK's largest van fleets, from a range of sectors including utilities, retail, NHS and local government, have already shown their support for the Clean Van Commitment, pledging a £40 million investment in electric vans to 2020.

Why don’t you join the Clean Van Commitment too?

Find out which organisations have already made the pledge (PDF).

Sign up to the Clean Van Commitment and join other fleets leading the drive for an increase in electric vans on our roads. 

Discover why others are making the switch: read our conversation with ENGIE’s Jamie Quinn, who shares the challenges and benefits of going electric.

Read a full summary of the Clean Van Commitment (PDF) and hear from an EV driver on what it's like to drive an electric van.

Improving air quality in the communities you serve

44 cities in the UK have air pollution levels that exceed World Health Organisation guidelines.

Poor air quality is linked to heart disease, can cause and worsen asthma, and increases the risk of premature birth, low birth weight and decreased lung development in children.

In fact, research by academics at the Universities of Oxford and Bath has revealed that the overall health damage from cars and vans costs the NHS and society £6 billion per year.  

But we can change this.

New technology is making the switch to zero emission vehicles possible. Many city-based van fleets are already adopting electric vans, which have been shown to beat diesel vans on lifecycle costs.

So help lead the way and send a signal to policy makers and manufacturers that the demand for zero emission vans is real by joining the Clean Van Commitment.

If you are a fleet operator and have any questions about the Clean Van Commitment, please email [email protected]

The Clean Van Commitment is coordinated by environment charity Global Action Plan, as part of the Clean Air Day initiative. Clean Air Day partner ENGIE kindly supports Global Action Plan to work with leading fleet providers in this initiative.

ENGIE has also committed to cleaning up its van fleet by 2028.