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Communicating clean air research

17th June


Communicating Clean Air Research


As part of Clean Air Day 2021, we ask how the research community can 'translate' air quality science into messaging, media stories and social media campaigns that cut through to the public, and enable them to join the conversation and take action. 


Clean Air Day is focused on improving public understanding of air pollution and building awareness of how air pollution impacts our health. This event is organised jointly by the the six SPF-Clean Air funded air quality networks. 


The event will be hosted by Prof Cath Noakes, Professor of Environmental Engineering for Buildings at the University of Leeds. 



  • Charlotte Zamboni, Marketing Director, Global Action Plan: Playing on the positive  - Turning clean air research into compelling communications 
  • Lukasz Walasek, University of Warwick: How do we turn communications into action? Insights from behavioural science. 
  • Mike Morrison, Michigan State University: Learn some user-experience design principles to help you get your science out there!