Our air pollution crisis needn’t feel overwhelming, because there are steps that we can all take to tackle it. If we all work together we could have clean air. Simple steps can make a big difference, so read on to find out what you can do right now to create cleaner air and protect your health.

1 Switch driving a car to walking, cycling or using public transport

Walk, cycle, bus, train ... However you like to travel, leave your car at home and take to the streets. Car drivers can be exposed to twice as much air pollution as pedestrians and nine times more than a cyclist. So as well as cutting down the amount of pollution you make, you're reducing your exposure to air pollution and getting some exercise too.

2 Use your car less

You can cut down on car journeys by car-sharing, joining a car-club or working from home . You can also  swap face-to-face meetings for tele- or video- conferencing.

3 Drive an electric vehicle

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future - and their costs over a lifetime are cheaper than you might think. So when you upgrade your car, consider buying an electric vehicle.

4 Discover the side streets

Using quieter streets when you’re on a bike or on foot can lower your exposure to air pollution by 20%.

5 Avoid strenuous activity when pollution is high

There are about 10 to 20 high pollution days a year when it’s better to avoid working out too hard if you have a heart or lung condition. You can check the pollution in your area for free here. But on balance, for most people, most of the time, it is healthier to exercise than sit it out.

6 Switch your engine off when stationary

By turning off your car engine whenever you’re not moving – and it’s safe to do so – you’ll help to make the air cleaner for you, other drivers and pedestrians.

7 Choose Click and Collect

Many city workplaces report that half of all deliveries are personal parcels for staff. That’s a whole lot of extra vans clogging up the city. Instead, choose to have your parcels delivered to a Click and Collect location near your home.

8 Regularly service your car

Remember to service your car regularly to make sure it runs as efficiently and cleanly as possible.

9 Keep your car tyres inflated

Inflating your  tyres properly means your car will be more efficient and use less fuel.

Inspire others

If you’d like to do more and encourage others to take the actions above to improve the air we breathe, there are free resources available to help you  organise a clean air action event. You can find our Top 10 Clean Air Day resources and more here which are freely available to help you inspire your friends, neighbours and colleagues to get involved in creating cleaner air.