As individuals, we can all take action to reduce air pollution and improve our health and the health of those in our communities, especially children, the elderly and those with chronic respiratory diseases who are most vulnerable.

What can you do to reduce air pollution as part of your everyday routine?

1. Leave the car at home

If you’re able, reduce your car use for short journeys and include walking and cycling as part of your everyday travel habit, including the school run. By using public transport you’re not only going to help reduce air pollution but also reduce the numbers of vehicles on the road, easing congestion and making our city centres a nicer place to be.

2. Don’t idle

Turn off your vehicle’s engine while stationary, this protects the health of people around you, especially near schools and other areas where there are a lot of people.

3. Support your staff

Businesses should encourage and support staff and visitors to their building to use active modes of transport such as cycling and walking or public transport. This will reduce congestion around the building and help staff to stay fit and healthy. See the Workplace Toolkit page for more ideas and inspiration.

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