Here are lots of ideas and resources to support your organisation's participation in National Clean Air Day. Get your free workplace toolkit here!

Get your workplace involved in National Clean Air Day!

This toolkit contains a straight forward series of actions that will allow your organisation to make an impact on air quality and health.

You could:

  • Email all your staff myth busting information on air quality on health
  • Get your fleet drivers to limit their vehicle's impact on air pollution
  • Use your social media channels to push out the message about National Clean Air Day
  • Run an event at your workplace and speak to staff directly

Free downloads available:

  • Internal communications templates for a staff newsletter, all staff email, intranet, or message from the Chief Executive.
  • Leaflets and posters with essential information on the health impacts of air pollution, and how to reduce and avoid pollution.
  • A guide to promoting the day on social media and resources to share online.
  • Pledge cards to use in photographs that people can post on social media.
  • A number of populated pledge cards for people to choose from.
  • Blank template pledge cards for people to write on their own pledge.
  • A draft press release to highlight your organisation's commitment to participating in the day.
  • Free Virtual Reality app for people to experience air pollution through the eyes of a child – free to download on a smartphone. Use with a simple VR viewer such as Google cardboard, and also available for simple viewing as a video on YouTube.