Urgent Clean Air Day appeal: help us reveal the true extent of air pollution and its damage to our health

Martyn and the Clean Air Day team have compelling new evidence of the huge damage that air pollution is doing to our health - especially that of our children.

But with just weeks to go to the Clean Air Day, we need more funds to get this out to the widest number of people possible. 

Recent government figures reveal the slow progress we're making on air quality levels. But thanks to our university partners, we've now got even more evidence of the harmful effects of air pollution that is hard to ignore. It's vital that we make as much noise about this as possible so not only the public, but our politicians, hear it as well. 

Your support will help us pay for more people to staff the phones, email out the evidence and take enquiries ahead of Clean Air Day.

So please donate now to help us get closer to our goal of creating cleaner, safer air for everyone.

PS: if you use the Cloud button we can reclaim more money via Gift Aid at no extra expense to you. Thank you.