Combatting air pollution in a changing world

Young Scottish adults are inheriting an air pollution problem. So at VentureJam 2016, a challenge was issued to the group of 15-26 year olds: think about the places and spaces you live in and how new technologies could be harnessed to improve and maintain good air quality.

The results were inspiring: modern solutions to a modern problem

The five teams turned to digital technology, creative arts and product development to encourage the changes needed. Participants received mentoring to inspire and fire up their natural innovation and creative problem solving skills, and helped them develop the business case for their products.

Proposals were developed for:

• a power harvesting bicycle by Ninions;
• a mobile Air Travel app by Project Air Tech;
• an eco-points app inspired by Tamagotchi pets by Unicorns;
• a mobile app encouraging pollution free routes through the city by Zayrex;
• an indoor filtering fan by Futuristic 5.

The judging team from SEPA, Young Scot and Glasgow City of Science picked three ideas to go through to Venturefest Scotland in September 2016 to pitch to commerce and industry representatives for funding.

The winning team, Project Air Tech, received direct investment from SIS to take forward their idea.