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What we achieved with Clean Air Day 2018 - read the full report

What a day! What a campaign! The Clean Air Day celebration and impact report documents the 2018 achievements of the nation's biggest air pollution campaign - how it generated hundreds of events around the country, mobilised thousands of people, and took the media by storm.


Download the Clean Air Day celebration and impact report


On 21 June 2018, thousands of people took part in events to raise awareness of an urgent public health issue that’s up there with cancer, heart disease and diabetes – air pollution.  


Community groups, schools, local authorities, businesses, hospitals, universities and individuals like you, laid on a whole host of activities to make Clean Air Day this year a huge public moment. 


At least 550 events happened on the day, while some 1,750 broadcast and press items were generated by the campaign. On 21 June itself, #cleanairday trended on Twitter for eight hours. 


Before and after opinion polls indicate that public understanding of key air pollution issues increased over the period of the campaign. And more people started doing things to cut air pollution.


The report not only tells the story of the day but explains these figures in more detail, and how we arrived at them.


Writing in the foreword, Chris Large, of Clean Air Day coordinator Global Action Plan, praised the Partners, Supporters and thousands of individuals who had helped make the day such a success, while reminding readers that there is still much to do in the fight to tackle air pollution.


"This report is about you," says Chris, "the individuals, councils, schools, businesses, healthcare organisations, housing providers, universities, charities and community groups that run events and spread the word.


"You are the trailblazers, the promoters and organisers who are guiding us to a clean air future. Thank you." 


Download the Clean Air Day celebration and impact report